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December 19, 2014

First of all, I have a confession to make.. I deleted my 2013 year round up post because I’m a perfectionist and have the tendency to delete things. Without thinking it got deleted and I don’t have time to revive it and bring it back to life because I’m going on a Carribean cruise on Saturday also the reason why you are getting this (not so) little round up before 2014 has actually ended…

love icon fantasy ego beautyBeauty is something that as I learn more about it I fall in love with it even more. I’ve posted fifteen beauty posts this year, my most popular beauty post is the Estee Lauder Makeover which if I’m honest I didn’t expect. My Every Day Face and Skin Care Routine has also changed a lot since August, I’m hoping to do updated posts next year. I also spoke how happy I was with my Makeup Storage, I still have the same set up however I have so many more different products now.. (lots of Chanel). Visiting the Blow Ltd salon in London was also another favourite of mine this year.

love icon fantasy ego style

My fashion calendar started in February this year at London Fashion Week where I watched the Sibling AW14 show. I didn’t post as much fashion content this year as I wanted. I had a three month break due to buying my house and I didn’t really get back into it over the summer. In September I attended my second fashion week, I posted the outfits that I wore on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I also got to attend an Aspinal of London Event which I loved too! I did three outfit shoots with Jodie after fashion week, Miss Frenchie in September, Be Happy in Your Own Skin in October and How to Style a Blanket Cape in November. My year in Fashion ended at the Clothes Show Live where I got the chance to see the Sibling AW14 Collection again and I wrote about my Clothes Show Story.

love icon fantasy ego travelAs I mentioned I bought a house this year so the only opportunity I got to travel was to Paris in January with one of my best friends Sam. I have been to Disney Land Florida before twice however it was my first time in DLP and I loved every moment. I took so many photos that I shared my travels in three instalments. A dream is a wish your heart makes (very apt title I think) followed by Disney Land Paris Christmas I loved that it was still decorated for Christmas in Jan. And Finally Disney Magic On Parade.

love icon fantasy ego eatI did start to worry at some points this year that my blog was turning in to a food blog as I always have a food blog post on the go. I had my first Five GuysBills and Ed’s Easy Diner and I’ve been back quite a few times since. At LFW in September I had my first Aubaine which I love and can’t wait to go back and at the end of fashion week I treated myself to a Laduree because it is a firm favourite of mine. I had the most delicious Mushroom, poached egg, hollandaise and asparagus brunch at the Edwardian Tea Room and after hearing so much about The Breakfast Club I had the most fantastic pancakes there. I loved visiting Faculty Coffee and The Lost & Found in Birmingham and I loved street food at The Autumn Market and Scoff at Fargo Village and can’t wait to attend lots more events next year. I can’t believe I didn’t mention Italian food once this year because it is my favourite! I finished off my food adventures at Prezzo with a delicious festive three course meal.

love icon fantasy ego lifeMy life has changed a lot throughout the course of this year. Life has its ups and downs and things happen for a reason however I want to focus on the brilliant things I have done this year through having my blog and it has been fantastic meeting other bloggers at events like Fabb BirminghamHalloween Bloggers Bingo, BHM Blogger Meet at the Body Shop and the Merumaya drinks. I loved going to the clothes show with Amy. And I can’t not mention Jodie because we started working together in November 2013 and has become a really good friend of mine over the last year. I love that she started her own blog this year and we can now take each others outfit photos. My favourite photos that I took of Jodie is the Mustard Jumper and Monochrome look which is on her blog.

If you are wondering why you haven’t seen any blog posts or instagram images in my new home, I moved back out in September. Next year I plan on doing some travelling and just having fun, because life is just too short to be wasted on being unhappy.

I just want to say, thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog! It means the world to me as I love sharing my adventures with you. Unfortunately as I won’t have constant access to Wi-Fi on Holiday I won’t be blogging whilst I’m away, also my scheduled posts don’t schedule and even if they did I don’t have anything to schedule.. so I look forward to sharing my adventures with you in January. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy the festivities and I will see you next year!


December 16, 2014

I have been attending The Clothes Show Live for roughly about eight years, my love of The Clothes Show live started back when I was at school when I used to go every December with my sister. We used to save up our money that we earnt doing a paper round so we could buy the goodies at the show, the Rimmel goodie bag was always a must. When I left school I attended the Clothes Show with College, then one year with colleagues when I worked in a fashion buying office and now as a blogger.
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This year the show was different for me, first of all I attended on Friday with Amy a new blogger friend who I met at the Body shop event and Sam and Jodie on Sunday. I attended as press and Olympus Pen were at the show lending bloggers cameras so I got to try out the PEN E-PL7 which is the camera I have been lusting after for months now.
2014-12-07 19.41.50

As part of my press pass I was able to be in the area at the bottom of the main catwalk which was a brilliant experience, I used a different lens on the PEN which meant I got some amazing shots.

2014-12-07 20.01.45Well I think I did anyway! The Pen was amazing for capturing the details on the fast paced catwalk that I would never have been able to do on my own camera.
2014-12-07 19.59.59
 Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nikon but it just can’t hack it in low light and when people move it completely freaks out!
2014-12-07 20.01.00I just loved being able to capture the models faces and details that I can’t normally get
2014-12-07 19.46.41
 The grey snow story was my favourite! I loved the looks in this section
2014-12-07 20.17.38
I also loved the Studio 54 section at the end too! So much fun and energy
2014-12-07 20.15.42
And that was it! My favourite year at the Clothes Show yet. I will be sharing the photos I took of the Olympus graduate catwalk soon so look out for those! If you haven’t seen the photos I took of the Sibling show you can see those here.
On Friday I’m also uploading a more detailed blog post about the camera and its features because you can import photos from the camera directly to your phone using Wi-Fi. It is all my camera needs and dreams come true!


December 15, 2014

Two weeks ago I was invited along to another blog event in Birmingham! I have definitely loved all of the blog events I’ve been lucky enough to go to lately. This one was slightly different as it was a more intimate meet with Merumaya Intergrative Effective Skincare at the Jekyll & Hyde bar in Birmingham. Cocktails and skincare was on the agenda and I loved seeing some familiar blogger faces Sophie, Tash and Ting and it was lovely to meet Hannah, Selina, Vicki too!

2014-12-15 23.21.082014-12-15 23.21.51First up the cocktails! How cute is the little tea cup that you dunked into the bowler hat to collect some delicious Gin

Untitled design-50I loved the look and concept of the ‘Heisenberg’ cocktail, Tequila which you drank out of a test tube

2014-12-15 23.26.25Now on to the skincare, whilst we were sipping on our cocktails Lekah from Merumaya told us all about the brand and the products from its origins and I loved that Merumaya list all of the ingredients of there products which is very transparent and honest as I personally don’t know another company that does this. Our skin is so important so I definitely want to know what I’m using on it.

2014-12-15 23.24.47

I loved the fragrance of the range and felt so smooth and silky on our skin. Mine and Sophie’s favourite product was the melting cleanser and I couldn’t wait to try it out to melt my makeup off my face. I also love the Iconic youth serum which is Merumayas signature product.

2014-12-15 23.28.04

It was lovely to see Sophie again who I met at the Body Shop Birmingham blogger meet

2014-12-15 23.28.45Tash who I also met at the Body Shop Birmingham Blogger Meet was having a great time

2014-12-15 23.29.59

It was also lovely to see Ting who I seem to bump into at every beauty event I have been to lately

2014-12-15 23.29.14It was such a lovely fun filled night of cocktails and skincare. It was also lovely to chat to Lekah from Merumaya too, that girl knows her stuff about skincare! After the Merumaya event I went for dinner at Ed’s Easy Diner with Hannah which was a lovely end to the night.

I love Merumaya as a brand and at some point when I get chance because I’ve been stupidly busy lately I will pop into John Lewis in Solihull because they stock Merumaya. When Grand Central Birmingham is completed there is going to be a John Lewis too which will stock Merumaya I hope!

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In the last few weeks I've been to Ed’s Easy Diner in Selfridges twice! Once with Jodie and Sam before we went upstairs to the Christmas beauty event and again last Thursday night with Hannah who I met that night at the Merumaya skincare meet at the Jekyll and Hyde which you can read all about on ...

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If you have read my blog for some time now, you will know that 42 weeks ago (as instagram tells me) I went to London Fashion Week and saw the Sibling AW14 catwalk show. When I found out that Sibling were showing their AW14 collection that I'd seen in Feb, I was even more excited because I love it and I ...

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I spent last Friday at the Clothes Show Live, one of my favourite places to wonder around is on the pink carpet in the Hair & Beauty zone. I do love a pink carpet, however more importantly it is full of exciting products and brands. As I was wondering I saw pink, black, glitter and curls, I ...

the meat shack burger


Scoff Street Food is the Midlands very own street food collective. After visiting the Autumn Market at the Bond Co in October, I must admit I'm pretty hooked. So much so that when I found out Scoff were holding #ScoFarGo a street food, music and vintage clothing event at Fargo Village in Coventry I was ...