What if we all just had what we need instead of what we want? See heres the thing, I’ve been looking into capsule wardrobes and elements of minimalism for a long while now. I love reading blogs like into-mind, un-fancymademois-elle and lauren jade lately.

In January of this year my spending came to a halt. I had so much stuff it was making me feel so overwhelmed, I purchased a black Karen Millen handbag in the January sale which I have used every day since up until recently because I upgraded my smaller handbag however that was it I had enough and I was okay with that.

I let go of 10 bags of clothes this morning and dropped them off at a charity shop. They have been sitting in my room for a while because stuff is strangely hard to let go of. A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders now those bags have left my room and hopefully someone will love those pieces as much as I did once.


I’ve been creating a capsule wardrobe and slowly I have been taking things out of my wardrobe that don’t have meaning anymore. I’ve been wearing my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe since the beginning of July and so far I’m really happy with it and have even started planning my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

The hardest part so far has been letting go of clothes, 10 bags full to be precise. 10 bags that I had spent hard earned money buying and they weren’t loved anymore but the worst part is I hate being wasteful and it felt greedy having all these things I didn’t need.

I’m now living with less and it feels really good, now I have purged my closet I am going to start clearing out other areas of my life. I have already started on social media, I was following so may people on Twitter, I’m now only following 250 people so my feed is less cluttered and I only see things that I actually want to see. Same with Instagram, I’m getting there with that because it is much harder to clear out followers.



sunglasses grand turk beach
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I love being on the beach however I’ve never been big on sunbathing all day, flipping over half way and watching the hours pass by because to me, there is so much exploring to be done and adventures to be had… Plus I fail miserably at sunbathing and had to tactically clothe myself on the evenings to cover up one burnt leg that happened one day when I fell asleep on a sun bed. I also still looked like I was wearing my bikini which was fun to cover especially through sheer sleeves… enough said?

My sister is such a water baby who happily spends hours in the sea. I’m usually much happier in the shade on a subbed reading a good book (My book of choice was Girl Boss). However this holiday I did spend a lot more time in the water than I usually would because it was such a beautiful shade of blue, so clear and a lovely temperature to swim in.

I loved the experience of swimming with turtles however I think it’s safe to say I don’t think I’ll be snorkelling again any time soon. I spent so much time trying to clear my goggles of steam and desperatley trying to get the water out whilst trying to float. I ended up with a mixture of water and sun cream in my eye so i. I rewarded myself with a (few) Rum punches..

It was my first time in the Caribbean and my first time away from home at Christmas. It was also the first time I’ve ever felt happy with what I packed and wore whilst being away, yes it was mostly black and white but I’m okay with that








I love coffee and independent businesses and Faculty is exactly that. It is a small coffee and tea shop located in Piccadily Arcade in Birmingham and they have been open just over a year now. I hadn’t actually heard of Faculty before until Matt visited, I saw the obligatory amazing Instagram and told Jodie that we had to pop in on Sunday for a coffee!

When I said Faculty was small, I mean’t small small. I’ve never been to anywhere else like it which was really exciting! I love finding little gems like Faculty, independent unique and great coffee! What else do you need. I went for a Latte and Jodie had a Flat White, I went savoury with a ham and cheese twist and Jodie sweet with a delicious carrot cake, it does look amazing doesn’t it!

One thing I love about seeing Jodie is we can both snap away taking lots of pictures and re-arrange the table as us bloggers/instagrammers do, if you do it yourself you will know what I’m talking about. The same kind of fun that you can’t get away with everyone to comments of “come on your food is going cold” Trust me I like luke warm drinks and hate burning my tounge, so it suits me.

What I like about Faculty is there is no fuss, the menu is simple and straight forward and the only one is on the wall. You can just about see it behind the dangling lights. I’m a big fan of the turquoise coloured mugs and I really like the benches as they are different.


Piccadily Arcade, Birmingham, B2 4HD


Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style Be happy in your own skin on http://loveiconfantasyego.com monochrome style

I’ve got to be honest, I was going to aptly title this blog post Hello Autumn, however that is too you know whatever and it didn’t provoke any emotion. I don’t ever tend to get deep about life on my blog because I honestly thought no one would want to read it. However I’ve been reading some lets say deeper blog posts lately and I like it, It’s real and I’m all about being real so here we go.

I have always been happy in my own skin. I don’t remember a point in time where I haven’t liked my body. Well everyone pokes their belly however I don’t want to go to the gym so you know that is here to stay. I eat what I wan’t however in moderation, I don’t watch my weight and at school I was a size eight. Now I’m a size 10-12 and I love the size that I am. I have an hour glass figure with curves, bumps and I have a small waist and bigger boobs so finding tops to fit me can be annoying. I hardly ever wear tight clothing because I feel more comfortable in looser clothes however I love this look and I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my body properly through photography.

I love eating cheese and drinking milk, they are one of my guilty pleasures. I like eating burgers and chocolate and I don’t worry about what I eat when I go out. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, I’m just glad I didn’t listen. My body is beautiful as it is and as long as I’m happy and enjoy myself my body will be happy.

Stripe Crop Top MISO | Coat  Primark |Necklace  Primark

Faux Leather Shorts H&M | Boots ASOS | Bag  Zara

Be happy in your own skin..




Photography Jodie Mason

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t own a single Estee Lauder product. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been really lucky lately and keep winning Twitter competitions, I won an Estee Lauder Makeover,

I’m not very familiar with many of the Estee Lauder products, however I have heard a fair few good things about the double wear foundation which normally wouldn’t appeal to me because I’m a very light coverage girl and often opt for BB creams rather than foundation, my favourite at the moment is Chanel Aqua Vita Luminere but even that is a little heavier than I normally prefer. I didn’t pick it up on the day however I will be popping back to the counter to purchase the double wear foundation as it is the perfect night out foundation, it doesn’t budge and I woke up with some still on my face haha I’ll put that down to the drunken makeup removal though.

I’ve had a makeover before at MAC and it was amazing, I loved all of the products and I was asked my choice on products the whole way through and it was all very informative. Estee Lauder if I’m honest was a little bit disappointing, I expected to be wowed being a more luxury makeup brand however I wasn’t to be honest the makeup I arrived in was applied better. If you have a close look at the last two photos my eye makeup isn’t blended properly, blush is far too heavy and I was so confused why my cupids bow wasn’t filled out, very perplexed if I’m honest because I feel they are an asset to my face and I love my lips so I always show them off and fill them out properly.

We discussed a silver smokey eye at the start of the makeover however I wasn’t asked on the blush or lip colour which I was disappointed with as I like a soft dusky pink definitely not a coral blush. I did really like the lipstick however it is so wrong with the smokey eye too bold! Another thing that really made me cringe was the fact a tester mascara was used on me with the brush that I’m sure has been used on plenty of other people and it reflected in the finish because my eyelashes were so clumpy the formulation was so thick and stodgy, I really hated the mascara which was a surprise.

The only thing I did keep for the night out was the foundation as I managed to remove the blush, lip and mascara. I used my Charlotte Tilbury love is the drug cheek pop and for my lips I used Topshop Innocent and my Naked lipgloss over the top which is my favourite lip combo at the moment. I also added the Eyelure Nadine false eyelashes and I sorted out the eye makeup blending and adding extra black and eyeliner.

This is my finished makeup for the night which I’m sure you will agree looked much better than earlier on.

I also wanted to show you the lipstick that I bought on Sunday when I was in Selfridges from Charlotte Tilbury, after loving the blush I’ve been after a beautiful autumnal lip and Glastonberry put a major amazing tick in that box. I love it completely obsessed.

I also want to mention that the girls at Charlotte Tilbury are amazing, always really happy to help and genuinely lovely girls. I struggled to get Glastonberry perfect with the tester so she helped me conceal the messy edges what a star.

I’m hoping it was just a one off as it was at the end of the day!