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I love being on the beach however I’ve never been big on sunbathing all day, flipping over half way and watching the hours pass by because to me, there is so much exploring to be done and adventures to be had… Plus I fail miserably at sunbathing and had to tactically clothe myself on the evenings to cover up one burnt leg that happened one day when I fell asleep on a sun bed. I also still looked like I was wearing my bikini which was fun to cover especially through sheer sleeves… enough said?

My sister is such a water baby who happily spends hours in the sea. I’m usually much happier in the shade on a subbed reading a good book (My book of choice was Girl Boss). However this holiday I did spend a lot more time in the water than I usually would because it was such a beautiful shade of blue, so clear and a lovely temperature to swim in.

I loved the experience of swimming with turtles however I think it’s safe to say I don’t think I’ll be snorkelling again any time soon. I spent so much time trying to clear my goggles of steam and desperatley trying to get the water out whilst trying to float. I ended up with a mixture of water and sun cream in my eye so i. I rewarded myself with a (few) Rum punches..

It was my first time in the Caribbean and my first time away from home at Christmas. It was also the first time I’ve ever felt happy with what I packed and wore whilst being away, yes it was mostly black and white but I’m okay with that


Long Bay, Antigua – Grand Turk – Cane Garden Bay, Tortola


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First of all, I have a confession to make.. I deleted my 2013 year round up post because I’m a perfectionist and have the tendency to delete things. Without thinking it got deleted and I don’t have time to revive it and bring it back to life because I’m going on a Carribean cruise on Saturday also the reason why you are getting this (not so) little round up before 2014 has actually ended…

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I have been attending The Clothes Show Live for roughly about eight years, my love of The Clothes Show live started back when I was at school when I used to go every December with my sister. We used to save up our money that we earnt doing a paper round so we could buy the goodies at the show, the Rimmel goodie bag was always a must. When I left school I attended the Clothes Show with College, then one year with colleagues when I worked in a fashion buying office and now as a blogger.

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Two weeks ago I was invited along to another blog event in Birmingham! I have definitely loved all of the blog events I’ve been lucky enough to go to lately. This one was slightly different as it was a more intimate meet with Merumaya Intergrative Effective Skincare at the Jekyll & Hyde bar in Birmingham. Cocktails and skincare was on the agenda and I loved seeing some familiar blogger faces Sophie, Tash and Ting and it was lovely to meet Hannah, Selina, Vicki too!

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In the last few weeks I’ve been to Ed’s Easy Diner in Selfridges twice! Once with Jodie and Sam before we went upstairs to the Christmas beauty event and again last Thursday night with Hannah who I met that night at the Merumaya skincare meet at the Jekyll and Hyde which you can read all about on Monday. Now onto the food, if you read my blog you will know I am partial to a good burger however in this blog post there is some new found hotdog loving action too..

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